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Add : Unit 1008, 10/F., Tower 1, Kowloon Commerce Centre, No.51 Kwai Cheong Road,
Kwai Chung, N.T.,
Hong Kong
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Our company, established in November of 2004, is a large electroplating joint venture in Yuanzhou Town, with an internationally recognized DSD electroplating license. Our factory has three full-auto and manual rack-plating lines, mainly for metal products such as copper, nickel, chrome, etc, and also for spraying transparent paint. These lines specialize in electroplating various meshes, wires and artware, with a daily capacity of more than 50,000 pieces.

Our rack-plating line is the most advanced full-auto vertical electroplating type in Asia; therefore, our electroplating service is the best in the industry. We also have a manual rack-plating line, which allows great flexibility in processing different types of work pieces to cater to different customer requirements. In addition to rack-plating lines, our company has set up a barrel-plating department aimed at processing smaller work pieces, such as screws, stationary and toy parts, etc. Electroplating metals mainly include zinc, nickel and copper; different chemical materials can also be electroplated.

For quality inspection, we use a salt spray tester to ensure long-term durability. Our commitment is to provide sincere service and punctual delivery to all customers. As a result, our electroplating process and service have been in great demand and customer orders for electroplated products increases year by year.

Manufacturer : Bow Cheong Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd.
H.K. Add. : Unit 1008, 10/F., Tower 1, Kowloon Commerce Centre,
  No.51 Kwai Cheong Road,
  Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
H.K. Tel. : 852-2477 0466 , 852-2478 4157
H.K. Fax : 852-2479 5669
China Add. : Liwu Village, Jiutan Shuikou, Yuanzhou Town, Boluo County,
  Huizhou, Guangdong, China
China Tel. : 86-752-698 1228
China Fax : 86-752-698 1268